i feel so hopeless? the same shitty feelings keep coming & going & coming back & i know its gonna keep coming back & i feel so hopeless knowing it’s practically permanent

Suicidal ideation


Bipolar Disorder

Generalized pain

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • MadAlice


    You aren't hopeless, you might be caught in a negative mental loop. You have courage to reach out, things can and will improve for you

    • canoli


      keep trying. It doesn't usually go away completely but you can learn tools to help you cope when you're feeling awful and it eases the pain a bit. My friend suggested that I change my environment when I'm really bad. Go somewhere you normally don't. Shopping, new restaurant, whatever. It helped me reset. You can keep a gratitude list too and remind yourself of how it feels when you're doing ok. Remind yourself that it WILL pass eventually.

  • FinnWren


    I really feel this right now

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