Lately I’ve been struggling a bit because I age regress as a coping mechanism and it helps me with some of my stims but I’ve been having to hide it because me and my partner love with his grandmother and she’s very judgmental about everything really and my boyfriend can tell it’s bothering me, I just need to find ways to be able to regress but it isn’t obvious I guess and I’m not sure how to do that.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • alien_kid22


    What types of things are you into? One of the biggest ways I regress is to try to fuel my passions/inner child. For example, me and my sister often watch children's cartoons. Another way would be through art. Try scribbling! Drawing artwork without serious intentions! Either way, find things that you like to do, and immerse yourself. Allow yourself to relive your youth, without judgement or fear, even if it is in solitude. You have to find what suits you best. If your inner child is wounded, or hurt, seek out new interests. (As for the family situation, try to find subtle ways to regress. Whether it be clothing, mannerisms, etc.)

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