Have y’all had any experience with immuno suppressants? My doc wants me to go on something and I’m hesitant!




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  • Meemaw


    I’ve been on azathioprine since 2014 and Orencia since 2019 and have had no side effects good luck

  • isabel.rose00


    i just recently started this year on azathioprine and while it does give me some fatigue i haven’t had any other issues and it has been working great !!

  • Kelney


    I was on Remicade for 8 years and it was great for a while. Then Entyvio, and now Stelara.

  • Hilda_Mary


    Yes, first humira and now remicade. My most annoying side effect with immunosuppressive treatment is the fatigue. I feel like it changes based on where I am in a treatment cycle, and most of the time it is tolerable. I’ve experienced a major improvement in quality of life since starting treatment.

  • UnicornGranny


    I’ve been on pretty much all of them. Currently on Tremfya. I’ve not had luck with any treatment .

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