when you guys have a panic attack, do you get this weird hot cold feeling all over your body with dull tingles? i always feel like i’m going to pass out when it happens,

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  • Keisha


    i’d appreciate some input bc my hypochondria is going wild

  • Yuka


    Yes, and then anything cold calms me down

  • littleone0503


    Yes absolutely! It's a very common thing for me to experience during panic attacks.

  • Ysbryd


    yes, its a part of the fight or flight reflex, if you can, I recommend going on a run, or any physical activity that gets your hr up

  • tigershark98


    Yes I get those

  • Bobaqueen


    I am experiencing that right now. It is so scary.

  • beba77


    I do it's like a cold adrenaline rush thru my times Mt get so bad I think I'm having a heart attack

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