Does anyone experience extremely real dreams or dreams in which you feel actual physical or deep emotional pain? I’ve always been someone who remembers their dreams and they sometimes dictate how I feel throughout the day emotionally. They also drain me physically; I struggle with EDS more on these days. Dreaming isn’t really talked about much with N besides the hallucinations, so I wanted to reach out and see if anyone deals with this too. I experience it more in times of stress but it can be random as well. It’s so hard to explain!

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  • Lizastrickerink


    Hello I also have Narcolepsy with Cataplexy your dreams sound to me like they could be hypnogogic hallucinations I recently had one I could swear was a dream but it fit all the criteria i could hear feel and see things as though they’re real! I recently had one so vivid and real in which a group of men did..well just say unspeakable things to me and because I could actually feel like I was experiencing it I was in a horrible state for weeks my EDS has also gotten worse as I’ve gotten older

  • Forever_Exhausted


    Yes I wake and have to sit there for a minute because I don’t know whether it really happened or I dreamt it!! I also have hallucinations and talk to “myself” but I am talking to someone as I’m falling asleep or waking up and I’ll be having the conversation out loud. I also have to check my phone when I get up because I sometimes have dreams that I received texts or calls and it never happened!!

  • Vic782


    I’ve been the same way since I was a child. I can feel emotions in my dreams to the point I wake up crying, screaming, shaking, etc. I have the hallucinations too. I also lucid dream sometimes and know when I’m dreaming quite a bit.

  • WaywornPuppy


    My dreams are incredibly realistic and I could feel not pain, but pressure in them. I had a couple that really made me wake up in a panic (ones about loss and stressing about it) and my doctor gave me venlafaxine to help regulate them and it works quite well. I also tend to remember dreams more if I've written then down.

    • Libby123


      ugh i tried venlafaxine and it gave me horrible restless leg, which was just a preview for my current reality lol

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