Does anyone have “tics” with their ADHD?
For example, I rub my hands together 👏 (looks like I’m warming up) very fast and it feels like I’m exerting energy. I also shake my arms up and down fast as well when I get excited.
Is this normal?

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  • Xanderfrombuffy


    That is what we would call “stimming”!!! Some of my stims are exactly what you do! I also get “duck feet” where I do little taps with my feet when I get very excited over things. Also dancing when I eat 😊

  • tekoi


    One of my favorite reasons I still wear my mask is because a lot of my stimming is making little noises with my mouth and no one can tell if my mouth is covered

  • World_Ender


    Ooph I have a terrible “tic”. Ever since I was a young child I crack every bone in my body, to the point where I can crack joints non stop if I want to. I’ve tried to quit doing this before and it led to a mental breakdown, I just learned to live with it. It’s a very spastic behavior.

  • ChickenTendies


    Yes!! I do a little pop noise with my lips as well as dancing (I work standing up for 8 hours a day). It kind of feels like scratching an itch :)

  • edenannes


    Yes! It's called stimming, it's self stimulation, and it's very common in neurodivergent people :)

  • xoxogossipgirl


    yea if i’m sitting i will kick my feet up and down on the floor - just a little now crazy - and also i crack the life out of my hands when nervous

  • TheStarrySystem


    We have stims!!! I like to jog in place, but atlas just fiddles with their hands -Alien

  • Angus


    I sometimes shake my hands but usually I have a huge neck tic. It hurts sometimes ngl

  • strbrry


    I rock back and forth as a fidget :) I also pick at my skin when nervous. Honey, you’re just stimming. It’s totally normal!

  • Pond


    I pick at my skin too. I bite my lip or wiggle my tongue cheek to cheek inside my mouth. And of course the leg shake. I’ve taught myself to quietly massage my hands when I’m in public. It feels more socially acceptable and it can really ease tension.

  • YassPills


    I will make noises or jump, pace, run, and also obsessively tie my hair into knots lol. Had to work on the last one because it was getting out of hand and I started losing hair

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