My health anxiety has been off the charts recently. I’ve noticed over the years that I will fixate on a condition or symptom for a period of time (heart attacks, insomnia, cancer) and constantly be looking for signs and sensations in my body to support the crazy claim that I must have this condition. I even think I have in the past actually created the symptom in my body by fixating on it so much. My online researching of symptoms, signs, and statistics is out of control as well. Ironically, I believe this level of health anxiety is actually probably harmful for my health with the level of stress it causes. I wish I could just BE and trust that my body is strong, that irregularities or sensations here or there do not mean I have a serious illness.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • honey.bunny


    I 100% feel this and it drives me out of my entire mind. At one point I was going to the hospital every other day thinking I had some terminal illness. I wish all the time that I could just be normal.

  • v.nessa2708


    I can relate, except I do it with metal illnesses, in the past I've convinced myself that I had dissociative identity disorder and it got to the point where my body would suddenly create the symptom after constant pondering on the idea that I might have the illness

    • Jojo1084


      Oh yes. The mind-body connection is so strong. I once was worried I was pregnant and began experiencing all sorts of early pregnancy symptoms. I wasn’t pregnant. Health anxiety is such a hard one.

  • Johnj


    Omg , this is me ,its insane . Dr told me i have somatic disorder . Health anxiety is the worse .. its absolutely the worst feeling , the body sensations i get from worrying and wondering and being terrified . I f i hear someone has something i have it then.. i talk with theropist she helps a lot but this problem keeps awake at nite . Your not alone thats for sure . she o

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