Anyone out there struggling with their body image?
I’ve lost a ton of weight, and I’ve kinda accepted that. Now that I’m trying to put back on weight I feel fat. I feel like I have too much skin and fat on my body even though I don’t even weigh 110lbs :/ any weight above 105 and I feel like I look like a balloon
I want to be at a healthy weight so bad but I hate feeling this fat.

I didn’t even feel this fat when I weighed 150lbs so I don’t get what’s changed


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  • SkylerRose


    While I was pregnant, I lost over 40lbs and only gained 5lbs literally right before my daughter was born, I'm breastfeeding so I have to eat. But I feel so fat and horrible about myself recently. But I tell myself it's better to eat then to feel sick, or lightheaded. Because we both know until we love and take care of ourselves, nothing will be good enough

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