Is it normal to have mood imbalance when taking sertraline? (Ex. Really happy, but also more sensitive, emotional, etc.)



Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • ArtMouse


    I felt similarly when I first started Sertraline, but it leveled out over time.

    • Irae


      Do you know how long it took to level out? I’ve been taking it for a month and it still feels out of my control.

      • ArtMouse


        I started taking Sertraline several years ago so my memory isn't super detailed about how long that took. I think it was a few weeks, probably not more than 2 months, though. If you're concerned about it, I'd recommend checking with your doctor.

  • Dee99


    For me it was, I could be happy go lucky one second and the next be madder then he🏒🏒

  • Marceline2005


    in my experience, absolutely. I've tried a lot of medications for depression and anxiety from a young age. I'm on sertraline now and I find that I feel pretty neutral most of the time but once in a while I'll have a really bad breakdown and feel really shitty for a short amount of time.

  • Pascal


    i have that emotional instability but it never clicked to me that it could be from the medication…

  • sea_turtle


    I've been taking sertraline and haven't experienced anything like this. Granted, I haven't noticed any changes at all. I feel like I might as well be taking a placebo

  • WRaven


    I was like that for a while, but it kinda balanced out after a while. I was numb before hand cause I used to block out my emotions to make others not concerned about me when I was crying from my anxiety.. IT WAS BAD. The medication weirdly help me open up so i was really emotional and my moods changed a lot for couple of weeks. Now days I feel more human rather then an robot. Anxiety is still there but Its more healthy and lower then before.

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