hi has anyone had covid but after being negative for a month still feeling so sick? it's been a month since i had covid but ive been feeling still super sick, especially at night. I would have trouble breathing,feels soo weak and fast heartbeat. i sometimes would fall asleep but wake up suddenly because i keep having that dying feeling,& when i wake up my heart beats so fast & im out of breath.



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  • Anthony45101


    Yes I am 7 months with long COVID and have these same symptoms. I have researched that it’s because of the autonomic nervous system. When I went to the doctor I was told there was no treatment but maybe there is. I do small exercise regularly like walking and it helps calm it a bit

    • cheekss


      slr.& i see, but 7 months?? thats srlsy scaring me 😭 hopefully we both recover completely from this 😭

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