Other than medications what can I do. I need help. I have EDS and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. I’m in the worst flare up that I’ve ever had. I will take any advice no matter how small it is. I can’t manage the pain.


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  • Jewels18


    I’m so sorry you are struggling and that no one had gotten back to you. I had / have AMPs ( still in diagnosis process 5 years later). If you can try gentle massage of the areas that hurt the most that may help get the lactate acid out of the area and bring blood into the area. Massage helps me in my worst pain.

  • Pickalees


    Magnesium start taking everyday. B 12 shots. Ibuprofen massage. Prescription called meloxicam don't realize it's working til you forget to take it lol

  • Macemoments


    Yes to all these above! My PT does my joint massages on my back especially then I have exercises I do from him. Where are you located? There are PT clinics that use the Muldroney method. He is from Rhode Island & it is said to be great! I think he has a book? Swimming or water therapy works well, low impact. Magnesium is big! Ibuprofen will tear up your stomach. I use magnesium lotion (bought from Amazon, white bottles) on my legs for cramps. Works well.

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