Is it odd for sexual experiences (ex. writing, reading, watching, partaking) are comforting/provide solace? This is been this way for a while and I'm not sure where it comes from. Like obviously it feels good yeah, but I mean not physically but like mentally and emotionally? I don't know if it's normal, so. Reaching out.

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  • Tepin


    My psych professor said it might come from a place of wanting to be desired/needed. Like the idea of/actually putting yourself into those situations can scratch that itch of needing to appease others. "Whether it's the desire to feel wanted or needed, the pressure to please others, or something entirely different, I would need more information on the person to really give a definitive answer. That's my two cents anyways." -My Psych Professor.

    • DrexOrMike


      Thank You, that makes a lot of sense, I appreciate it a lot

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