why am i so scared of sex? talking about it, doing it…it’s not even that i really don’t want to or that i have been sexually assaulted or something. i am pretty comfortable with sexual stuff with myself, but when it comes to anyone else, i can’t even really talk about it, much less do anything with others…it’s really frustrating. i keep basically leading people on because i am conflicted about if i should push myself or if i should just say no to everything, so i just don’t do either, i lead them on, because i basically want to keep them as an option, which is awful! i think i want to try to push past some of my anxiety surrounding sex and stuff, but i’m also not sure. i’m just scared. any advice?

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  • Bella.ella


    I was the same way. Especially if it is your first time with someone. It’s pretty normal to be nervous. Is it possible that you had a very religious/conservative upbringing so now it feels wrong? Or if you have slept with someone and they ended up hurting you it could cause the same thing.

  • Bella.ella


    But also you can have a relationship without sex. You don’t have to hook up with someone because you feel like you’re supposed to or because you’re trying to be “normal”. Everyone is ready at a different age/time.

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