Hi my name is Angie . I just got dx with pelvic floor prolapse with my rectum and vagina . I can’t get into my female dr till June and I was told already by the er dr I need surgery. I’m scared and worried because I don’t know what to expect .


Pelvic & Genital Organ Prolapse

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  • queen.B


    Do you have difficulty with your bowels moving? If so what are you doing to help that?

    • Leowife


      I did , but now I have diarrhea all the time . I was only having bm once a week .

  • queen.B


    That's me once a week if I'm lucky and like I said when I do go to the bathroom it hurts like hell and why is it when I eat food that it just makes my stomach blow out and then I end up with a lot of gas and that makes it even more difficult to go to the bathroom do you know of any foods that I could eat that would not make my stomach bloat out and make me look like I'm pregnant

  • GoodGrrlKitten


    ❤️✋Hi, Friend. I had the same diagnoses and did get surgery two years ago for it. I had vaginal reconstructive surgery because I was Stage 3 prolapsed. A sling was placed as well. I had all this done along with a hysterectomy. Procedure was quick and recovery took about a week before I could get around on my own, maybe another week or so before I started feeling like myself again. But to look down after using the restroom and not seeing that prolapse, not feel it... It was freeing. Everyone says it, but really, don't fear it. You're getting an upgrade, Girl! It's going to make a better you, a more comfortable you. It's hard for me to say exactly how I felt afterwards and what I experienced and attribute it solely to the recon surgery since I had two majors completed at once, but - you will do just fine. I'm 37 (had this done at 35) and until then, only major things to happen to my body were wisdom teeth removal and having two kids vaginally. I was also very scared initially. But then, I just felt relieved to get the care I needed, and not struggle anymore. You'll be alright ❤️

  • PippiLongstocking



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