idk who would understand but does anyone else feel “gaslighted” when someone calls you weird for having adhd

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Skai


    Well gaslighting would be more of them making you doubt you actually have adhd. They're just calling you names and such for being who you are. Simply put those are just bullies who don't understand those different from them.

  • Lady6ug


    I guess thag depends on what your definition of "gaslighted" is. Generally it's ment to mean manipulating you into doubting your own sanity this case I suppose that would mean successfully convincing you that you don't have ADHD when you know that you do. I've never had that problem with ADHD but I've also never been bullied for it (although I am known to be unaware). But you're not weird for having ADHD, it's actually pretty common even if underdiagnosed (especially in women).

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