My health is anxiety is eating me alive I am consistently going to the doctors and I won’t stop going until they do more and more tests on me it’s getting out of control

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)


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  • Tomato


    I’m also anxious to my health so much since covid came. I’m working on it with my therapist. I’m better now than it’s been at the beginning of covid, still not how I’d like to be though

  • Gabaloo


    My dr said I also have illness anxiety syndrome and she has seen that even by givinf and doing tests it doesn't end up helping the anxiety for more than a month before we feel the need to get more and more tests done and the best way to get help is by talking through our anxiety with a therapist so they/we can find the root problem to the anxiety

  • beautifulDisasterxo


    Your not alone I have had every test you could possibly think of ! I currently have a heart monitor on had it put on today! My health anxiety is probably my number 1 issue I suffer 24/7 from symptoms! It's never ending ! Does anyone else have 24/7, symptoms?! I also do have health issues but I think it's more then that 😞

    • Justinerosexx


      yes 24/7 symptoms… I’ve had alot of tests too and all the doctors tell me it’s just my anxiety. I also had my heart checked many times

      • beautifulDisasterxo


        same here I have had every test you can think of !!!!! From seeing a neurologist, cardiologist, functional medicine doctor, countless ER visits, gastrologist, I seen a rheumatologist once ( they were no help ) endocrinologist, and so far nothing but thyroid issues, vitmin deficiency's, endometriosis, IBS , GERD, and of course anxiety , depression ECT. May I ask what symptoms you deal with on a daily basis? You can message me if you'd like !

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