I was at work a couple days ago when an incident happened. it triggered me really bad. someone at work picked up the shift. I was obviously shaken up and walked out tryna remain as calm as I could.
the next day I thanked the person for taking over my shift. they responded by telling me they were mad at me, and not to thank them. said next time i’d have to stick it out. now this person is not even remotely my boss. we don’t even work in the same area.
I thought about it, I realized how screwed up it was that they said that. i’m grateful that she doesn’t understand. but have compassion. I constantly tell people that we never know what someone is carrying that feels too heavy.
last night I stopped talking. I haven’t talked all day. i’m using a voice app to do my job.. but I hate drawing attention to it. i’m exhausted. my brain is just done with talking. i’m in overdrive. I don’t even know where I was going with this. thanks for letting me rant ig??

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