Does anyone else find that their limbs "fall asleep" extremely quickly? Sometimes my legs go numb within only 30 seconds or so of crossing them, and my hands "fall asleep" very fast when held upright. Is this an EDS thing? Seems to be happening more lately.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • Natti1076


    Mine do!

  • madd94


    Yes!!! No idea if it’s an EDS thing, but this definitely happens to me. Also feet/toes falling asleep and staying that way for days at a time.

  • lavap


    yesss it’s def an eds thing because it happens to me all the time, and i also hurts really bad sometimes.

  • hoppingspark12


    I have eds and my legs and feet fall asleep pretty fast

  • MangoPeach


    I think its a blood circulation thing. If you have POTS or dysautonomia to any degree youre going to have difficulty with blood normally circulating in the body. Something that helps with that is movement, so if you sit for awhile it may be easier for stuff to fall asleep

  • Laila11


    Yeah my legs even fall asleep when I’m on the toilet for 10 seconds😑

  • InconclusiveResults


    Absolutely! I wake up sometimes and my entire arm (up to my shoulder) will be numb! It's kinda scary! 😅

  • Loocifer


    I never thought that might might be an eds thing but I have absolutley experienced this!

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