Do your condition interfere with relationships, either platonic and romantic?

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • Wendee


    Yes sometimes. I've noticed that since announcing BPD several people have curbed me. I haven't changed though Im still the same person I am I just wish they saw that and not the misinformation and propaganda

  • Chumky


    Yeah. I often feel slighted bc of my condition and I have been working on myself to not feel offended by the tiniest things people say and do to me. I’m trying to be more grateful, bc if I feel a negative feeling about someone, I’ll snowball with all my delusional thoughts. And then I’ll treat them in accordance to my wrong beliefs about them, which isn’t fair to others. Or myself. I’m a) accusing them of something they did not intend to do b) missing out on connecting meaningfully with people who do greater things for me than the small things I get hot headed over

  • Nethaniel


    Yeah, I am not sure if I could ever truly be close to someone. It is like there are two versions of me one that is nihilistic and hates the world and myself and one that thinks he is the sexiest man alive 🤣😂.

  • brianbun


    yeah, very often actually. i feel like sometimes i will truly never be able to reach the healthiest, best version of myself for not only the people i love, but for me, and that hurts so much at times. i'm very early on into my diagnosis and treatment, but my symptoms have been bothering me for a year now and it has affected my boyfriend and i. not necessarily him, but my fears of abandonment have spiked and i feel guilty constantly because i feel like he has to always wake up and hate the thought of if today is going to be a good day for me or not and what will send me over the edge. but it's getting better, i'm learning to not be so fearful and to trust what is actually happening and in front of me!! :)

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