I wish it wasn't worse at night. Or when I was alone. I wish I felt like I could ask for help without feeling weak. I wish I knew when it started. I wish I knew how to cope better


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  • Shanty


    Asking for help is never weak. I believe it's the strongest thing you can do, because sometimes to ask for help takes more strength then not to ask.

  • Schiele


    Society makes us think we’re strong if we can suffer in silence, but real strength comes from being able to recognize when your ship has issues and asking for help before it becomes so overwhelming you can’t function and start drowning. Granted, people are not boats, but depression can feel like you’re constantly just treading water while everyone else is thriving when in reality everyone is struggling too but too afraid to talk openly about problems. Everything depression tells you is likely a lie, and the sooner you can open up to trustworthy and reliable people the sooner they can reassure you that you are so much more successful and likable than you think

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