What are some good ways you personally deal with anxiety due to stressful situations?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • PrincessRiah


    Smoke 🍃 lol

  • Kacita


    Smoke, essential oils and natural herbs

  • Antek


    Yes, I smoke, too. Also, working out at the gym ‘till I about collapse also helps 🙃

  • Atlanta


    Find something that makes you laugh - laughter always distracts me the most!

  • AuroraRose


    Music and weed for me 🤗 or find some art, adventure in nature or watch your favorite TV show. Remember rest is vital to your existence & should be incorporated into your schedule daily (or as needed)

  • Celine


    Honestly, exercise. I know it sounds corny but pacing while doing squats and lunges helps my get my anxious energy out without stressing myself out and I’m getting endorphins too! Easier said than done but worth it, plus you’ll sleep great that night too! I hope this helps friend! 🥰

  • JoGood


    Pray. Listen to music. Watch something funny.

  • ashl3y


    having fun, when I have bad anxiety like that my friends make me laugh and it calms me down a lot :)

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