Any tips on how to navigate celiac disease in a work environment like work lunches and dinners?

Celiac Disease

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  • SquirrelMom


    Pack your own 🤗

  • Goo


    Definitely pack your own foods. Keep small appliances in your work space (think toaster). Let everyone know you have a food allergy (people seem to understand that better than saying gluten) especially when food is being ordered in. Foster a feeling of inclusion and don’t be hurt when people forget and exclude you from meal invitations. Some times they just feel awkward or unsure of what you can eat. Especially management.

  • HeyReese


    So, I’ve let some bosses know. That way we can choose a celiac-friendly place. Or I’ll pick up food from a trusted place and then bring it. Or bring my own :)

  • Glutenfreegal


    I always pack my own. If it’s at a restaurant I will call ahead to see if they have GF options that are safe for me. And if not— I eat before and just order something to drink. ALWAYS let the waitress know you have a gluten allergy. And NEVER let someone make you feel bad for choosing not to eat.

  • Indigo2028


    Yes I agree with others!!! Bringing lunch every day. Also, try to keep open communication with your supervisors to let them know about celiac. You’ll get surprised, managers want to be inclusive and they’re usually accommodating

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