I’m really struggling with my depression right now is there any way to help without harming myself?


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  • Margaret4


    this might sound weird or silly but i saw you said in a previous comment that you enjoy being outside in nature. try hugging a tree. when i feel like i just can’t go on anymore i’ll find a big strong tree in a private spot and embrace it, imagining the wisdom and strength flowing from the roots up the tree and into my heart pressed openly against the bark. breathing is important and you can stay as long as you need to. if only for a moment i feel held by mother nature and i feel like i’m strong enough to go another day. this might not be helpful for you but i thought i’d share! ❤️

    • Augustus_Flynn


      I’ll try that, thank you so much<4

    • Mamabear8204


      thank you for this, I am going to try this.

  • gaypyre


    i’ve been making myself go to the park on nice days outside, and reading or teaching myself to draw, it’s been helpful for me! listening to lofi music while doing these things too ! or find cool little woody areas in your town to explore and just see new things. 💙

  • oneinchtallbigfoot


    i got a self care app called “finch” it helps me feel better about the small victories like getting out of bed, drinking water, brushing my hair, etc. i would defo recommend it

  • Sweetteantexas


    There will never be a positive outcome from harming yourself. People will say that you are just trying to get attention and disregard the real problem or they will have you institutionalized. Always believe that you can hold on for one more day. If you can move forward one day things will be different. Of course there's no way of knowing exactly how they will be different but they will be in some manner. So if you can make it one day you could find what you need or want is there on that day. You never know what a day can bring. Don't worry about one more week or month, just one more day. There is a freedom to not looking to far ahead you don't have so much to worry about. I like to keep it simple and just make it one more day.

  • Porkbun


    These are apps that have helped me durinh depressive episodes. Woe bot wysa and finch have you looked into tapping? With depression I try to do things that I know would normally bring me joy do I play video games and watch funny shows. I usually take it easy on myself during a depressive episode. I try to leave my bed and sit at my desk and do my arts and crafts too or watch my show at my desk

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