Currently prescribed sudafed daily, my mood sank after missing a day on accident and I couldn’t stop crying for half an hour today. I couldn’t get out of bed this morning and everyday tasks became impossible. Even exercise did nothing and usually it improves my mood. Everything’s better now that the med is back in my system but I’m worried it’s because of the prescription and I’m afraid of when it’s time to stop taking it.

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  • SmolSnacc


    Sudafed as in the decongestant? That’s odd. I hope everything starts to even out for you. 💕

    • Korrina


      forgot to add rhinitis tag Thanks

  • CozyVibez


    Talk to your physician! I think you've become dependent on Sudafed, and since you now tolerate the stimulating effects, titrating off of it sounds best for your health. Mucinex or Sudafed PE are safer alternatives, I believe.

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