Hi! How do y’all cope with relationship anxiety? I’m currently in a long-distance relationship and sometimes I get anxious thoughts about my partner cheating or straight up finding someone else to love. Most of the time I feel good about my relationship, especially when we spend time together, but sometimes these thoughts get really stuck in my head.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • haileh


    this is something i have struggled with my whole life. what i do is i remember that if my partner were to really do something like that to me, then they don’t deserve me and my love. you have to be able to trust what they do is going to benefit you guys in the future, and if they do something bad you can see their true colors and intentions, and get that person out of your life. if they really love you they would never do anything to hurt you. you have to remember to be patient now so you can have a great future with the person you love. text them. call them. facetime them. my personal favorite when i miss my partner is to call them up at night and plug in my phone and just sleep on facetime. it makes me feel less alone and you have that person there if you miss them so you can hear their voice next to you like if they were really there. i hope this helps. 💕

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