I wanted to ask what made everyone realize they had DID? I’ve displayed symptoms for awhile now, but I was diagnosed as BPD, Bipolar 1, and PTSD. I’ve dissociated most of my life and don’t have solid memories of most of it. I also noticed I hear my voices from inside my head not out of it, and I read that that’s normally an indicator that it’s DID and not a psychotic disorder like Bipolar. Also if this does sound like DID how do I go about recognizing who my alters are?

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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  • Adelis


    Honestly, we wrote off all of our symptoms until a year ago when it was obvious one of our alters really liked our husband's best friend. Normally, when we'd have panic attacks, we'd need some help for our husband, but when this particular alter was out and having a rough time, she would only calm down if our husband's best friend was holding her. Our host was stalking to our therapist about it and explained that it was very unlike her and our therapist hit her with it out of the blue (according to us) though she had been looking into it for us for years.

  • Danny420


    My boyfriend noticed symptoms first after a year or two of being with me and it made a lot if sense once I knew more about the disorder

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