I have blue sclera and am currently diagnosed with hEDS, I didn’t bring the up blue sclera with my doctor. I was wondering if this would be indicator of cEDS? Apparently blue sclera happens when type one collagen is affected 🤔
Does anyone else have hEDS with blue sclera 😅
Ps: yes I do have fairly stretchy skin but I don’t bruise extremely easily

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • TreePerson


    yeah it’s an indicator of many connective tissue disorders! Id mention it.

  • 300gecs


    Type one collagen is also affected in aEDS and cvEDS and other connective tissue disorders, so yeah you should probably mention it. Even if it turns out to be nothing there's no harm done by bringing it up.

  • abbz


    i do! ❤️

  • paigeboleman


    i’ve been diagnosed with hEDS as well as Osteogenesis Imperfecta at the same time. I was told the blue sclera were a result of the OI

  • VixenBelladonna


    I’m pretty sure I have hEDS because the genetic test they gave me couldn’t identify a gene and I have blue sclera as well. It was a labcorp genetic test though, idk how accurate they are.

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