I'm taking a medicine that's supposed help me heal from the lyme but I think it makes me skin all gross. it's really made my self esteem take a hit, but I feel guilty for having such a basic complaint.

does anyone else have side effects that feel guilty about sharing?

Lyme Disease

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  • Liahra


    I forget things slot and people make fun of me for it.

    • Tick


      that’s not right. I’ve had chronic Lyme for over a decade getting close to two. My memory is sucks especially since I was a straight A student who never opened a book. I’m sorry people are doing that to you.

  • flootloop


    Is it an antibiotic? Antibiotics are not long-term and they will make your skin detox. My new friend is shoulder acne (??) 💅🏼💖 but it shouldn't last long if that helps you worry less :)

    • Nat_Nat


      that does actually! 😅 it just sucks to feel self conscious about my body while I'm trying to heal. Like Double Bad

  • BiancaNR


    I struggled with this too, especially in the beginning of treatment, but I always remembered to love my body because I could see it was working really hard to heal, even if it was uncomfortable at times! I hope it starts getting better for you💕

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