I’m not taking my medicine it’s been 2 weeks. And I feel okay I guess I mean I don’t because one wrong thing that happens to me and I’ll lose it but at the same time I’m in the period of a time we here I want to see just how bad I get. I need help…

Generalized pain

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  • ThemThomasTheo


    Hey I think it would really be worth it to call your doctor or therapist. They'll be able to help you through this and see what should be done next according to your needs. Also when I'm off my meds I feel like I'm okay, but really I'm manic. You will get through this! I believe in you ❤️

  • Dreams09


    Hey I had this same mentality a while back and it was not a good period for me. At first I felt okay and then I was in a constant state of pain everywhere but I wouldn't acknowledge it because it was the normal for me. I don't recommend trying to reach a bad point. It's really useful to talk to a therapist or even a close friend who can understand. Even talking to someone here who can relate to you would be helpful to share experiences! I am open to listen to you if that's all you want! Take care ❤️

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