I have depression and anxiety, so does anyone else have this problem? I can be sleepy but can't go to sleep. I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense.



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  • Yunalesca


    I spent all day today with absolutely no energy, exhausted by this horrible depressive swing I'm stuck in. But here I am, nearly 1AM, head buzzing with anxieties. Neverending cycle it seems.. I don't have any advise for ya, dear, but I'm right here with ya.

    • JadeBabe


      I stayed in bed all day because lack of motivation. But was up at 3am it's almost 12am where I am and I am almost at 24hrs of no sleep. It freaking sucks because I got to drive tomorrow

      • Yunalesca


        I don't miss those days at all. One of the best parts of getting older for me, no more days on end without sleep. I hope you can at least catch a couple of hours of rest before tomorrow's tasks.

  • urmomsfav


    oh my gosh same. i stayed in bed all day today because i had no motivation to do anything but then in the nights i can’t sleep and it’s an ongoing cycle

  • Grace13


    The only reason I really push myself to be motivated is because I have to go to work even if I barely got any sleep the night before. I've tried staying off of electronics about 30 minutes before I have to go to sleep and it helps but on days that it is really bad it tends to get worse. You just really have to find something that works best for you

  • DreamDitz


    It's like, you're brain and your body have to both be the same amount of sleepy, or you just can't sleep.

  • outcastrogue


    Yes I also have this and some days are worse the others🤗

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