Is anyone else tired like all the time but you can't sleep and when you do sleep you wake up but you're still extremely tired?

Chronic Generalized pain


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  • Cinnawut


    Are you in pain? What’s keeping you awake? Can you soak in warm water before going to sleep? I need to have like peak relaxing self care to get to bed on time. Maybe trying delta eight or like melatonin before turning the lights off could help. It sounds like you need to reduce your workload if your constantly tired. If you can make time for a mid morning or afternoon nap maybe it could help you power through the day!

  • Blue_Butterfly


    I’ve been trying herbal teas to promote sleep before bed and taking baths lately, if I don’t have a specific routine I find it’s harder to fall asleep. Especially if I’m going through a mixed episode with my mental illness.

  • CaesarZeppli


    even when i sleep i feel tired like way too early and it demotivates me to sleep

  • scary


    ALWAYS to the point where i can sleep anywhere at any time and it’s kind of debilitating

  • Harlowquin


    Always 🙌

  • souljiaboy



  • Beebear


    I’ve never heard anything more relatable

  • River_cat


    yes!!! i’m constantly tired even like an hour after i wake up

  • SilverSoda


    Oh definitely. I’m always tired no matter how much sleep I get

  • layayaya


    Absolutely. I wake up feeling more tired than I did when I went to sleep!

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