Should I be eating specific foods or taking supplements to help my kidneys function better? I am not good at drinking water and I hardly pee during the day. Is this because of my poor kidney function ? How will I know my kidneys are getting worse?


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  • Eeyorespal


    I believe that the best advice I could give you is to drink more water and eat less salt. When you don't drink enough water your kidneys have to work much harder in order to remove the impurities from your body. The kidneys need water flowing through them to be able to efficiently remove impurities. When your water intake is low, your brain sends a message to your kidneys to work hard and fast to increase your urinary output. Also, if your salt intake is high, your kidneys have to work much harder to lower your sodium (salt) levels down. If you're diabetic and if your glucose (sugar) levels are high, again your kidneys must work harder. As for supplements, a good daily multivitamin is helpful, but just one per day. You've said that you "hardly pee during the day." You should pee at least every 3-4 hours. Or about 6-8 times per day when awake. If you're drinking 6-8 cups of water every day, your kidneys will be more healthy. The best way to know how your kidneys are doing and whether they're improving or getting worse is to see a kidney or renal specialist. They will likely test your blood levels. This is the best way to keep track of how healthy your kidneys are. Be sure to follow his or her advice. I've had chronic kidney failure for about 10 years. My kidneys have been stable much of that time. I had dialysis early on, but they've been stable for about 9 years. It can be done. Just be sure to follow your kidney doctor's advice.

  • StarryDaze72


    Get good at drinking water honey. Eeyorespal covered it quite well.

  • Eeyorespal


    Thank you StarryDaze72. You are awesome!!!

  • TurtleRose


    I agree with the other 2 comments. My daughter was an infant when they found she is/was already fighting kidney failure (I have had it for many years). Her Dr said to push as much fluid as possible. We have always pushed water and they, my children, have always been good about it... The more fluid helps kidneys not have to work so hard. If you really don't like water then I would suggest flavored water. There are tons of flavors and types. One we go through a lot of is 'Clear American' found at Walmart.

  • Eeyorespal


    Thank you TurtleRose. I had completely forgotten about flavored water. I get really bored with plain water. So I always flavor my water. My favorite is Mio Black Cherry but I also use the Walmart brands as well. Recently, I've had a difficult time finding my favorite. But I am aware that there are food shortages due to Covid. I also use ice to keep my drinks as cold as possible.

  • Metsfan


    I put lemon in my water or sometimes cucumbers it has a real nice fresh taste. I learned about kidney disease and what to eat believe it or not on YouTube there is a young lady there that always does videos and tells you what’s good to eat and vitamins for chronic kidney disease.

  • Eeyorespal


    Metsfan, I'm going to see if I can find those videos on YouTube. You can never get too much info when you have a chronic disease like kidney disease. Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Faithhope


    I recently bought some supplements that are supposed to help kidney. It’s a pro and prebiotic. I guess I’ll try them.

  • Mariafbaby


    green veggies and fruits. try to drink water sip small amounts, track your pee if you can. avoid sodas alcohol and too much salt or sugar, blessings ! also check out some youtube videos on the topic

  • Cisco


    Yes drink a lot of water, I know it can be boring… but in the long run your body will thank you .

  • Seahorse


    I just read an article about the best foods for kidneys....2 of the best are red grapes & blueberries. You need to be very careful about drinks....keep the phosphorus low. Unfortunately there is phosphorus in just about everything!

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