What can I use to ease arthritis soreness?

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  • Remkle


    I need to know too! Sometimes cbd helps me

  • Unexpectedsnowball


    Epsom salt soaks are a go to for me

  • niceshyguy


    I. Know for.me the capsaicin roll on, helps so much

  • beezle


    Lidocaine! Aspercreme, specifically. Numbs pain. Otherwise, Aleve is good for inflammation, and by God do braces and compression equipment work. I also do hot showers and baths, and I do very slow, low-impact exercise. Tai chi, qi gong, or even walking in water/swimming stuff really helps. I like to bike as well but my arthritis is also in my knees so I can only do 10 min at a time. CBD is a good alternative too, but it's not as effective as some over the counter medications. I cannot stress enough how lidocaine eases pain for a little. And heating pads! I use a heating blanket and rest my joints on it when I am in too much pain to move around.

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