last night when I was trying to sleep i could hear jelly (shes a little girl and most of the time she's either screaming or crying) in my head crying very faintly.. usually I try to console her and/or myself and it just makes her scream and cry louder and gives me a headache. but last night was different, when I assured us everything would be ok she calmed down. i referenced to a video my friend had sent me earlier that started with a parable from the bible. (Matthew 7:24-27)
I think this is a really good sign, this has never ever happened before this way. I even had a kind of headspace where I was able to cradle her and stroke her hair as she cried... I don't ever recall having a headspace either and up to this point i hadnt experienced it.
I just wonder where to go from here.

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

Chronic Headache

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  • Lorgar17


    This seems like a really good step in acceptance and healing, she feels safe enough to let you in. Tread carefully, and treat that trust as something precious. Hopefully she eventually feels safe enough to open up in therapy, best of luck

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