I'm having a really hard time dealing with a pain flare. none of my meds are helping and I'm feeling more & more like my body is a prison. I can barely walk or eat. I'm in a horrible mood. I feel alone, misunderstood & really don't know what the purpose of continuing is..

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Chronic Low Back Pain

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  • Sunshine_Sue


    I feel like this a lot. I’d it weren’t for God I would be medically crazy. I have pain all over my body. The worst is my low back. I just can’t find relief right now. I have a spine stimulator that is not working right now. I’ve gained so much weight from being down for almost three months now do to an injury to my left foot, I can no longer charge it. My fibromyalgia is also kicking my butt right now. I will pray that you get relief from your pain!!!

    • PibblesandTea


      I did a trial for a spinal stimulator & was in such horrible pain I couldn't wait to get it out. I having a radio frequency ablation done Friday. But it all just seem pointless. Thank you for your kindness & my prayers are with you as well

      • Sunshine_Sue


        thank you for your prayers!!

  • butterfly39


    I just had an ablation on the Left side of my back. It helped quite a bit. I pray your procedure went well today and that you got relief

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