I have soo many appointments and the doctors just don't listen. also I just had to get another new doctor because mine just left. I really needed to talk to her.

my pain is on another level and just won't stop. all my issues are solved with coke and I'm trying to push it out of mind but I just can't stop crying. I can't workout because of my elbow pain and overall stiffness.

I'm soo tired of trying and being in pain. how to find a good doctor.

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  • okiegirl


    You got this , have faith I understand the Dr leaving mine just left and the Dr I switched to said he believes I was on to much pain meds so he cut one out and reduced the other by 75%now I'm left in tears and confusion

  • DariaFae


    That is just freaking insane... I've been trying to just get medical or even a muscle relaxer lol. They tried giving me them before but they making me jump through hope now and I still feel no progress. Sounds like you need another new doctor too... wish you all the luck as well I'm sorry for dealing with that.

  • Harvey78


    I wish you had my drs they are great i go to Harborview in Seattle they have a family clinic. Can you maybe switch to a teaching hospital? They usually have family medicine clinics. And pain specialists. That's what helped me.

  • DariaFae


    I was originally at a teaching hospital. When I almost died because they pushed off my condition for my entire life , 10+ years, I switched. Thanks though. I always viewed them as good but my issues are too real I guess or whatever. For the lack of better words.

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