So I'm trying to figure out what's causing tics for me. I've only had physical tics, no vocal. I had tics before I took medication, and I used to think they were anxiety or ADHD induced but I'm now unsure as I've been taking medication for both and while both help for my anxiety and ADHD, the tics have stayed and seemed to have possibly gotten more violent sometimes. I've started looking into it now because I want to find out what's causing them and what I can do to help at least not have the violent ones.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Stinkyparanoidrat


    I've had something similar happen, I've been told by my physician that they could be caused by built up stress and anxiety, and that it was my body releasing that built up stress in small physical intervals. Though it may not be the same, maybe bring it up next appointment with a physician?

  • Skai


    @Stinkyparanoidrat, that's good to know, I'll try to bring it up next time I can.

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