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So, i discovered in the last couple of years that i struggle with “health anxiety”! Like seriously so bizarre. Never knew it was a thing actually. My kids are almost 5 and 7. It definitely started when my youngest was a baby/toddler, and has gotten worse. Every little symptom i feel has me catastrophizing about what will happen to me. Lately it’s been particularly random headaches that worry me silly! I get so worried and down such a rabbit hole trying to figure out if I’m gonna have a stroke or if i have a brain tumor. Anyone else relate???

Occlusion of Cerebral Arteries


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  • Heather92


    I have this same thing going on, it's so scary 😔 if it's not me thinking it's a heart attack then it's something else.

  • Daisylove


    So sorry you are dealing with this too! Praying for you! We are ok!

  • Heather92


    Thank you, praying for you too. It's so hard and so exhausting. 😕

  • Mommyof1


    I struggle with this and I had a baby 1 year ago it just started lately and has been very hard to deal with every little weird feeling I get I started to worry about and think the worst possible things are happening

  • Dela


    I could have written this post. Every single symptom I feel on a daily basis convinces me that I have some fatal disease. It started after having my daughter. Becoming a parent can make anxiety worse. We want to always be there for our kids and any pain we feel makes us nervous that we will die. At least that’s the case for me. When I zone in on something I am feeling, my anxiety backs me up and amplifies the feeling by 10,000. I refuse to take anxiety meds. I’m trying something natural now. Hopefully it helps!

  • Hinami


    I relate so much omg..

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