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So my boyfriend and I broke up about a week ago, and I fell into a really deep depression and stopped eating. I got really sick, and couldn’t keep anything down. I was weak, i kept fainting every time I stood up to fast, and if I moved even the slightest bit I was out of breath and my heart would race. I was starting to like how my body looked, it was skinnier, I felt prettier. I lost 17 pounds in four days. We got back together just yesterday and I ate a whole hotdog, I was feeling better. But this morning I woke up, and hated how my body looked, I felt like I gained 10 pounds just by eating one thing yesterday. I’m afraid I’m gonna continue without food because it made me feel better, it’s really easy for me to fall into anorexic habits and not come out. Is there anyone who can relate?


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  • shantel


    Yep when my bf went to jail i ended up alone and didnt have any appetite for 3 days, when he came back I felt ok to eat again and gained the 2 pounds back. Glad to know I aint the only one. Its not healthy to completely starve.. have at least small portions of things througout the day and youll still lose weight. Thats what I been doing

    • Tyle_r


      I was thinking about that, it’s still hard to eat because of how long I went without, every time I’m in the mood I’ll take a bite and immediately become dissatisfied.

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