How do you find yourselves getting out of a slump, so to speak? I’ve been in a bad spot of eating unhealthy, I stopped going to the gym, etc. I constantly switch between feeling good about what I’ve accomplished in life and irrationally putting myself down/feeling worthless. Any advice?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

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  • treelover


    hi, i struggle with this as well. i put myself down a lot & have to pick myself back up all the time, but recently my boyfriend said something to me that has stuck around in my mind. to stay steady with my diet, he told me “just give it 3 days, then you’ll notice a difference” & if i feel guilty for being sick he simply says “i love you.” so i try to practice that positivity in my own mind. to love myself & to give myself time. validation is so important & so relieving 🤍

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