Anyone else with borderline personality disorder ? How do you cope my experience having it has not been easy and does not seem to get any better 🤦🏻‍♀️ honestly becomes draining .


Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • Annalise


    Idk if I can be super helpful lol but I’ll try. I think it’s pr normal to feel very drained (not that you can’t avoid that) I think the biggest start for me was getting on Lamotrigine which is a mood stabilizer. It’s one of the best mood stabilizers for bpd. And while it doesn’t fix/cure you, it kinda like took the edge of the worst mood swings off so that I could be better able to deal with the rest by myself. I think outside of the meds, the biggest thing for me was identifying everything I was feeling and if those were actually true or if it was just my bpd. Idk if that really makes sense but like when it comes to splitting esp identifying that like ok neither of these extremes are necessarily true so let’s just calm down before I can think abt this logically

  • tswift


    the only thing that i can guarantee will get me out of any bpd induced pit is weed 🍃

  • ulostthegame


    After being diagnosed, and being in therapy, and a lot of trials, fails, up’s and downs… I’ve found that finding peace in being alone, keeping my circle VERY small, and Selecting carefully who I let around me, who I give energy to, etc… has helped me more than ANYTHING. At least at the moment.

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