i have been on gabapentin for anxiety for a while now. it keeps getting increased but i don’t think it helps my anxiety (which is what i take it for). does anyone else take this for anxiety or know of a better option?


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  • AnimalBoy


    I took it for sleep and it helped my anxiety a bit but I've been on buspirone and weed for anxiety and both work really well

    • Jillean


      i have tried buspirone before and it didn’t help either :(

  • shakie


    It did wonders for me in the beginning. You're body adapts to it. Then it becomes less helpful

  • Azyul


    I've never imagined gabapentin could be used for anxiety. I take it to help with very sensitive nerve pain, and haven't noticed any changes in my anxiety from it. If you don't believe it is helping, ask your doctor if there is something else you can try. I do suggest trying it for atleast 3 months, just to make sure the effects have set in.

  • Chesbro99


    Yeah same I take it for never pain but it did nothing for my anxiety

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