What symptoms do you get with your anxiety?
What natural supplements have you tried that work?
Specific therapies that help?
For women, does your monthly make your anxiety worse?




Nausea and Vomiting

Chronic Diarrhea

Anxiety (Including GAD)


Generalized pain

Excessive Sweating




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  • Lou18


    My most common symptoms are sweating pretty much all over my body but specially my palms, nervousness like something really bad is going to happen, shaking, nausea, shortness of breath, racing thought and insomnia. I’ve had other symptoms that accrued maybe once or twice. I don’t think my menstrual cycle affect it’s a lot, it’s more the stress from everyday life and situations I have to go through than that. However my birth control pills that I previously took worsened my anxiety and sleeping problems.

  • Atlanta


    Most commonly, my face will go red, I’ll start sweating and shaking uncontrollably all over, My voice goes bumpy….mostly getting away from The situation and doing a guided breathing excercise on my phone does well for me

  • aliel


    Does anyone feels numbness and joint pains from their anxiety ?

  • Brittanie


    My menstrual cycle makes me feel almost exactly like it did when when had morning sickness from being pregnant. I'm sad/mad/irritable, fatigued, headache, upset stomach, nausea l, vomiting sometimes, diarrhea, and of course the intense cramping. And a week of pmsing before I actually start.

    • Brittanie


      And my depression and anxiety are thru the roof at those times.

      • Regis


        i tell allot of people to either read it down load this auto book : The Dare Response. it simply works. The book is on Amazon. I downloaded the audiobooks from iBooks on my iphone. Best 15$ i ever invented in myself. No more panic in the trains or bridges while driving. Also try magnesium which if you are deficient in can cause anxiety and depression

  • Jonnysgirl


    I get all of those physical symptoms but the scariest symptom I get when I have a panic attack is intrusive dark thoughts. It feels like a possession session and goes on and on all day. The only relief I get is if I take a klonopin. And those make me highly irritable. Not great when you have a special needs teenager.

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