Hi all. New here. I’ve been on the waitlist to see a Pain Management doctor in the Bay Area, was put on a waitlist for 4 months. My rheumatologist prescribed me Tramadol last month which helped with the aches and pains, but now my prescription is out (prescribed in the beginning of August). Rheumatologist wants me to get the prescription from my pain doctor, but the problem is, I won’t be seeing that doctor until October and there are no earlier slots. Does anyone know of a specialist who prescribes tramadol to treat fibromyalgia?


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  • EmilyLynziMom2010


    I went to a pain clinic, they can't treat fibromyalgia pretty much bc it's a wide spread pain and not a local, they usually just give shots in local areas. That's what they told me. I'm thankful my NP prescribes me tramadol every 3 months and I take 2 tramadol a day along with cymabalta. It's used for fibro. You can use them together or even just cymabalta. But with mine severe and just the sleeves on a shirt hurt my arms. I barely bump my back or hips, I feel like someone beat me. Some spots are tender like. And I deal with neuropathy from diabetes too. Ugh

  • InpainJasiah


    Thank you so much for the response. Can you give me your provider contact info? I’m located in the Bay Area.

  • EmilyLynziMom2010


    InpainJasiah Caretime Medical 662-597-2019. I see Claire Wright.

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