i think i have hypomania but i don’t wanna self diagnose or anything,, but I’ve had moments where i know that im SUPER energetic and talkative like i can conquer ANYTHING (some ppl have told me im like a different person …) , and ive had these like panic attacks where it’s like a wave of sadness and then uncontrollable crying or times where im unnecessary rude and i kinda hear it but i don’t mean it .. idk I’ve also been getting abt 4 hrs of sleep and overall mental health is 2/10 rn 🥲yuhh. Does anyone know if these r like actual symptoms or me j convincing myself

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  • Tinley


    I had those same symptoms when I was manic. Are you on a mood stabilizer ? I would definitely talk to your doctor .

  • royalty


    I don't have hypomania but I definitely experienced these same symptoms while in a manic episode. Sometimes antidepressants can trigger manic episodes. For me, it was Lexapro. Definitely talk to your doctor so you can get on the path to an official diagnosis.

  • sprite


    feeling energetic while getting little sleep is a classic sign of mania/hypomania. the other symptoms you’ve mentioned are definitely things i’ve experienced too. when i’m hypomanic, i feel 10x more optimistic than before, i feel capable of doing all of the little things i normally couldn’t do, and it feels great for a while. but after a couple of weeks it always ends in an emotional outburst/panic attack where i also have uncontrollable crying as well as urges to sh. after that, i get thrown into a depressive episode. i would definitely bring these symptoms up to a doctor. even if it’s not hypomania, it’s still affecting your life negatively so it’s worth mentioning!

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