Those with Ehlers Danlos and Eating struggled, what are your best ways to get to eat? I’ve lost 20lbs and I am trying so hard to gain the weight back but I just can’t keep anything down and nothing sounds good… it’s also helpful to note I’m on a gluten free dairy free soy free corn free low histamine diet (I’m allergic)

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  • Rowboat


    I try to eat foods that are high calorie, high protein, high natural fats, nutritional shakes, nuts and fruit, leafy greens, soups. I hope any of that helps

    • Adria.B


      what kind of shakes would you suggest? In having a hard time finding ones I can drink.

  • Lilac_Night


    So far ive found it easier personally to ignore classic 3 meals a day and snack throughout the day. I get full fast and then get hungry soon after eating so snacking so far has seemed to be the best option for gaining weight without over indulging and feeling sick from eating.

  • Macemoments


    I have Gastroparesis which can go along w EDS. I can’t have salads, marinara, coffee, high acid food, chocolate, too much sugar. It’s not worth the pain. I use CBD oil for nausea, it’s the only thing that works. I can’t do THC because I am in recovery & it breaks my sobriety. I do better eating several small meals. I live on carbs’ it’s hard. I have trouble w proteins because I don’t eat red meat at all and I choke on chicken, pork if it’s dry. I eat a lot of veggies. I am not supposed to eat anything raw which is difficult! I love apple w peanut butter. But my stomach just won’t digest it. It works at 40%.

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