Hey! Does anyone have advice on how to stop procrastinating my HW so much, any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Also idk if I’m depressed, just unmotivated to do HW, or if it’s the senioritis kicking in lol

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Maypie


    Have you tried making a space specifically only for homework? Where you have to physically move to. It could be small like the other side of the desk, as long as it's a physical difference. Limit the amount of things around to look at and distract yourself with. I've found that listening to music can help me sometimes. Also later at night is easiest for me because I'm slightly tired and somehow that helps me concentrate better. If you're hw is on the computer that you can't move, make a separate account that you log into on the computer to do homework-mode

  • Dystonia


    If you're doing a lot of homework, put treats(like a fun sized candy bar or something) for yourself after a page or too. I did it a lot with required reading or if I was catching up on math.

  • gszirco


    I would say pick out one single assignment and focus all your attention on it - don't think about any other assignments you have, JUST the one you chose. Grind it out and get it done, and take a break for a bit. Repeat until you're finished :)

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