My complex PTSD is so severe I can't take care of myself, I cry for hours every day, and over the past 12 years I've seen dozens of therapists, taken every medication under the sun, been to 5 treatment centers (and the last one I went to psychologically abused me) and I've been hospitalized and emotionally abused at those hospitals so many times I can't even count anymore. I have Medicaid in my state which doesn't cover anything mental health except for outpatient stuff that I've already tried. I can't trust any mental health professional after all the trauma I've been through and I have no where to turn. I feel like I'm a hopeless case I can't even leave my apartment without having the biggest panic attack ever. I'm in such misery every day and I can't find anyone who can help me. Someone please help me 😭😭😭😭

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • MarySol


    I am so very sorry to know of your pain. What you described does happen. Not all healthcare professionals really care...they just do a job. I too have been abused by healthcare provider. You feel there is little recourse..the invalidation, taken advantage and hitting you when you are down. They are making money off you. I cannot speak to Medicaid but here is what I was told to your insurance company. Ask them if they provide advocates. Tell them their dollars are going to providers who have made you worse( or not helped to resolve, better said). Tell them they are paying claims dollars to no avail. Tell them you are fighting to have your needs met. Ask who they recommend but also ask for an advocate. If you are on social security disability for the condition you are trying to get quality care for, contact SSA. Tell them you need quality care to get off SSA but are not getting your needs met. Ask for an advocate their too. Keep documentation. When I saw what was in my medical record notes in comparison to what I actually said I flipped. Absolute absurdity. I was told to start recording myself when speaking to healthcare.. It is legal to record yourself.

    • Laurena


      Omg I can't thank you enough for your message 🥺 you're so kind. I just finished the application for disability and it's gonna take a while until that's approved but I will keep all these things in mind 🙂

      • MarySol


        I have ptsd not complex so I can only imagine your frustration.

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