Anyone else autistic and can relate to this…. Imk.. so I have weird connections with words… like I hear a word and I start using it. My new one being toodles.
Anyone else… just me??

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • juiceambassador


    oh yes definitely! i dont think it would count as echolalia, but it could definitely be a vocal stim. i recently have started saying "abadabada" at random points in time, + have a few others ive picked up from other people or just caught on to

    • joyboy


      Oh goodness, my vocal stim of the last year or so has been "abababababa!!!" along with other toddler noises. Luckily my friends chime in too lol

    • Buggabugga


      i definitely don’t think echolalia but I do have alot of vocal stims. I always hear words proel say or on tv and repeat it though

  • Masscrystal


    Yes as a kid now im a singer so I just sing make riffs sing words or a phrase of how im feeling in a fun way that feels good but yes my word is Steve and frappachino and pillow. Pillow has been my word for years im obsessed with foof and pillows also love saying it so ya

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