Hi I’m a 26 year-old guy Who has ulcerative colitis. I’m currently on stelara and I’ve had a few bouts of prednisone in the past year. I still have some symptoms and I’ve also had a lot of joint pain. I was wondering what your tips been to manage symptoms?


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  • Ben96


    I would talk to your doctor about changing up your medication or frequency if you are regularly needing Prednisone. You shouldn't need steroids more than once a year max. For joint pain, I would suggest looking for a rheumatologist in your area. Rheumatoid Arthritis is common in UC, and can be managed. Otherwise, stay away from NSAIDs, they wreak havoc in your intestines, stick with Tylenol for pain. Good luck buddy, be well:)

  • Nyc_uc_joint


    Thanks, I actually just switched to six weeks on the stelara so hopefully that will help. I’ve seen a rheumatologist and there’s no signs of any other rheumatological disease but a super helpful suggestion. Done a lot of physical therapy is helped the most so far

  • TiredandPooped


    Stay away from processed foods, sodas, and bad carbs. Helps with the Crohns, arthritis, etc. no Tylenol or Advil. Talk to your doctor about using a compound pharmacy instead of steroids.

  • Nyc_uc_joint


    What’s a compound pharmacy?

  • TiredandPooped


    The traditional role of compounding pharmacies is to make drugs prescribed by doctors for specific patients with needs that can't be met by commercially available drugs.

  • ChrisR


    Carnivore diet! In remission w/ no meds anymore. Best decision but was a lot of work to get here

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